Saturday, October 12, 2013

#Free Alert - Dead Trees by Eli Constant @Author_EliC

Dead Trees by Eli Constant


A scientist mommy battling beasties better be handy with a scalpel.
Widow Elise Swanson is trying to give her daughters a decent childhood. This should be a simple task, but the invading undergrounders make outdoor playtime a tad tricky.
Civilization is a ghost of yesterday. Great cities have been abandoned. Remaining humans just want to survive.
For six months, Elise keeps her daughters alive. Then she meets tough, nature-savvy Jason- a man who may be able to reawaken her widowed heart.
Pit stop fights with beasties define the survival-road that the companions navigate. But when survival-road ends, what follows?
Elise could hold the key- the knowledge to give humans a fighting chance. No one knows if the H2H vaccine will work, but everyone hopes that humanity will find a way to regain Earth.
Everything started with a few dead trees…
How will it end?


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