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Author Challenges Women to the 90-Day Pink Experiment – Parker Paige @parkerpaige86

Author Challenges Women to the 90-Day Pink Experiment
With the upcoming release of her new book “The Color Pink,” author Parker Paige proposes that women abroad take up the 90-Day Pink Experiment.
In “The Color Pink,” inspired by true events, the protagonist, on a mission to find love after a long dry spell, taps into the mystical powers of the color pink with amazing results. According to Color Consultant Rebecca Ford, all eyes are drawn to those who wear pink and wearing this color will almost certainly attract a potential partner. Not only is it attractive, but it is feminine and very sexy as well. Rebecca Ford goes on to say that “not only does color have such a powerful effect on our moods, but also it plays a huge role in how others perceive us.”
The author doesn’t just recommend that participants (for 90 days) wear pink shirts, pink panties, pink socks and pink bras, but also decorate their surroundings with pink sheets, pink towels and yes, pink candles.
Author Parker Paige is challenging single women to witness for themselves if there really is any magic in the color pink. For women interested in participating in this 90-Day Pink Experiment, all you need do is send an email to, stating your interest in the 90-Day Pink Experiment. Please include your first and last name initials only and the city where you live.
A list of participants will be posted at After the 90-day experiment which begins November 1, 2013 and ends January 31, 2014, participants are asked to send their success stories to where they will be posted.
“The Color Pink” by Parker Paige will be published October 1, 2013.

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