Friday, August 9, 2013

The Barber’s Conundrum by Other Stories by John Hartnett

Chapter 5: The Only Child Rearing Book You'll Ever Need!

Introducing The Only Child Rearing Book a Parent Will Ever Need!

Are you a parent? Potential parent?  Expecting parent?  Do you ever read parenting books just to celebrate the fact that you aren't a parent and still have your freedom? If so, you're going to love my new book, Kids You Can Count On.

Kids You Can Count On is guaranteed to help you raise perfect children effortlessly.  How can I make such a statement without biting my bottom lip until blood comes out?  Simple! Every technique I used to raise my three beloved kids to become bright, happy, polite, and well-adjusted is not in the book.  Why?  Because none of the techniques worked.  My kids’ behavior had me drinking Maalox out of industrial sized containers -- but the important thing is now I know what went wrong!  Now I get it!  And that's what's in the book.  Why suffer years of frustration raising kids through trial and error, when I've already done the suffering for you? 

Here are some sample insights and real life examples from the book, guaranteed to save you time, reduce stress and most importantly --raise the type of child you'd admit was yours even if you weren't being interrogated by the police!

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Genre –  Humor

Rating – PG

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