Monday, December 16, 2013

#AmReading - Sara’s Sleep by Terri Sonoda @tsonoda

Sara’s Sleep by Terri Sonoda


Can dreams be premonitions? Up until now, Sara had lived a comfortable, uneventful life with her husband Mark. Empty nesters, she and Mark had grown apart over the years. One night brought a knock on the door, with two officers delivering shocking news. Sara’s world would never be the same again. Tragedy thrust Sara into a spiral of depression, self-destruction and horrific nightmares from which she could not return on her own. Jenny, Sara’s daughter, moved back home to help, but brought a whole new set of dilemmas for the family to face. Old relationships resurfaced, and friendships, old and new, became complicated. Would Sara and Jenny be able to overcome the endless obstacles together, or would the burdens that plagued each woman keep them from ever finding true balance in their lives?


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