Saturday, September 14, 2013

Author Interview – Emma Right

What are you most passionate about? What gets you fired up?

Neglected children. I feel that every child needs the love and comfort of having a mom and a dad loving them. And I know it’s not an ideal world we live in, but children really need to know they have at least one adult rooting for them.

What makes you angry?

Seeing children and young people die. It’s not right.

What’s your most embarrassing moment of your life?

Never had one.

Are you a city slicker or a country lover?

A country bumpkin. Or a mountain man (woman.)

How do you think people perceive writers?

Hyper-sensitive people with their heads in the clouds, and one foot in another world…and they’re probably right!

What’s your next project?

Dead Dreams, a YA psychological suspense mystery. And Keeper of Reign Book 2.

Keeper of Reign

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Genre - Young Adult Adventure Fantasy  

Rating – G

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